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ASPA Weekly Alert, July 9, 2018
Chinese fall victim to World Cup fake ticket scam
Fake tickets not a new thing in sports events
Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan new passport, Beauty and Security
What Blockchain Can’t Do
Man arrested for printing fake currency, learn it at YOUTUBE

ASPA Weekly Alert, July 2, 2018
Counterfeit Veterinary medicines reach $2bn
Cryptomice wins EU blockchain anti-counterfeit challenge
GoI denied information on sale of currency printing presses
Global E-Passport and E-Visa Market Is Expected to Reach 14230.1 Million USD by 2025

ASPA Weekly Alert, June, 2018
Drugs Advisory India recommend Track & Trace for Pharma
India to ratify WHO protocol against illegal trade of tobacco
UAE launches digital tax stamp to target tax evasion
Uhuru says Kenya losing billions in fake goods racket
De La Rue opens new product authentication facility
Chinese police seize fake Penfolds, Swisse, Blackmores in multi-million-dollar counterfeiting crackdown

ASPA Weekly Alert, February, 2018
Pattadar passbook printing yet to begin, officials confident of meeting March 11 deadline

Feb 2018: ASPA Alert: ISO 21976, Packaging – Tamper verification features for medicinal product packaging

ASPA Monthly Alert Newsletter, January 2018
Establishing organic food products’ traceability mandatory, says FSSAI
ASPA announces The Authentication Forum 2018
France baby milk scandal explained in 100 and 500 words
Counterfeit Seizures in January 2018
Romana Developing Blockchain Food Traceability
Spinney’s makes move toward food traceability

ASPA Monthly Alert Newsletter, October 2017 
De La Rue teams with Canadian tech firm Oplaux 
Anti-counterfeiting Solutions Providers eyes big business in India
Fake Pharma unit busted in Telangana, Rs 50M goods seized
KPMG release new report: Enhance awareness to check illicit report
Scannia and SKF holds stakeholders meeting on counterfeit autoparts 
Ghana to implement tax stamp policy in 2018

ASPA Monthly Alert Newsletter, August 2017
ASPA welcomes new member Lasersec & Kuwer Industries 

SPCBL to install more printing machines worth Tk 4.50 billion
RBS first £10 in thirty years to feature
Monotech ties with Grafisk Maskinfabrik– Denmark
US Banknote Production in July Hits 566.4 Million
Brady partners with Kezzler to protect refrigerant
PwC report raises concerns on counterfeiting & Security Printing Technologies
PARLE-G takes on counterfeiting
Trump on China; We will combat counterfeiting

ASPA Monthly Alert Newsletter, July 2017
ASPA conducts Brand Protection Awareness Workshop

ASPA elects new Board Members 
Uflex assumes yet bigger role in the global fight against counterfeiting
PharmaSecure and ProCheck Joins Hands
RBI invites PQB for Supply of Security Features for Indian Banknotes

ASPA Monthly Alert Newsletter, June 2017
Fake FMCG products is on rise
NAFDAC wants Nigerians to participate in fight against fake, substandard foods, drugs
Spurious, expired medicines worth Rs10 crore seized in Patna

ASPA Monthly Alert Newsletter, May 2017
Germany, Ifrane National Park to Adopt Traceability Systems for Cedar Wood
Fake bank notes top list of fraud in Kenya
Canada’s fight against $20 billion counterfeit market is ‘a joke beyond belief,’ lawyer says