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Membership Invitation
Any enterprise or individual involved in the business of providing or facilitating authentication solutions is welcome to join us in our effort to fight against counterfeiting and tampering, and to promote the growth of the authentication solutions industry.

We have been the voice of the security hologram industry in India since 1998, and have been working closely with global bodies such as International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau (CIB) and Interpol. We have now assumed a new and wider role to become the voice of the international authentication industry. Any provider of an authentication solution, or a supplier thereto, operating from any part of world, is welcome to join us.

Join us, if you are:

  • Security hologram producer
  • State printing works and commercial high security printers
  • Issuers of passport, ID and travel documents
  • Suppliers of security substrates, and security features such as bio-metrics
  • Identity card manufacturers and personalizers
  • Suppliers and integrator of ID document projects such as passports
  • Vehicle registration plate manufacturers
  • Bar code and RFID solution providers’
  • Any other authentication solution providers
  • Suppliers to authentication solution providers

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