Governance / Secretariat (Current)

The work of ASPA is overseen by its members through the Governing Body Members. The Governing Body is comprised of five members including President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Member. The Governing Body Members meets at least four times per year. During its recent Annual General Meeting held on 12th July 2019, the members elected new Governing Body for period 2019-2021.

Photo caption: ASPA Governing Body with Secretariat 2019
Left to right:
First row: Chander S Jeena, Nityanand Shenoy, Dinesh Jain, 
Second row: Sanjay Kumbhat, U K Gupta, Nakul Pasricha, Arun Agarwal, Ashish Chandra, Luv D Shriram 

The current office bearers elected at recent AGM on 12th July 2019 are as follows;

Mr. Nakul Pasricha

Mr. Arun Agarwal
Vice President

Mr. Luv D Shriram
General Secretary & Treasurer

Mr. Ashish Chandra
Member (Governing Body)

Mr. Sanjay Kumbhat
Member (Governing Body)

Mr. U K Gupta

Mr. Nityanand Shenoy
Co-Opted Member

Mr. Dinesh Jain
Co-Opted Member

Mr. Chander S Jeena
Secretary – Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA)