Brand Protection

Brand Protection

It is a proven fact that packaging directly affects sales. An attractive packaging with brand protection element can clearly impact buyer’s mindset of the product and make brand recognition. In today era, brand protection becomes a necessity because this is the only way that provides a unique recognition to your product in the market among the consumers. The usage of holographic elements and features into not only attracts customers towards your brand but also provides authenticity, thereby increasing sales. Holography is the most used features for anticounterfeiting and product authentication. There are many examples available to check out the importance of holography onto packaging. Keep an eye on below case study:


Client/Brand: Dixie Toga, Latin America Year 2010
Project title: Dixie Toga Holographic Empty Packs Creative team Casa Rex, Design Agency


The background to the campaign

In order to sell products in an effective manner, a brand can use packaging process. Packaging is a key technique to make a product to look better and clients will get attracted towards it. So, here what are all the brands have to do with the process of using packaging to sell their product? On that basis, Dixie Toga – one of the effective packaging brands, got a problem which could at present able to sell the holographic shopping bag. In order, execute the bags selling successively and attract more clients, Dixie Toga hired Casa Rex. Casa Rex is one of the leading design agency and they will provide an effective outcome to their clients. As a first step, they have designed ‘empty’ packaging with high-quality graphics and themes applied to it.

The challenge/trigger event

Objective: To sell holography for packaging

Challenge: To sell empty holographic packs.

The solution

It becomes very usual to see the packs of holographic, at the time when the main objective is for packaging to sell holography. But, this is not a successful one, since it has certain issues. With this process, there was nothing in the packs. With these issues, there is no concept or theme from a perspective that could be discovered. By seeing all these issues and scenarios, Casa Rex has been come up with a unique, innovative and effective concept, instead of improving worthless dummies posing as original products. Casa Rex, with the help of innovative concept, improved the Dixie Toga Empty Packs by solving the no content problems in an effective process with perfect implementation.

At first, Casa Rex clearly planned how to rephrase the same old wrong scenario into a correct and attractive manner by not changing any old content. Then finally, they decided a perfect solution like printing quotes like ‘There’s absolutely nothing inside me’ or ‘I’m empty’, which acts as one of the fun and relevant content with that scenario. In order to represent the each and every mood added to the packaging via holography, the company planned for it and then they designed six sets. Each and every moodis portrayed well and that all are appropriate for holography.

The results

Finally, at last,the above-mentioned plans are executed well and it also acts a company’s best tool for promotion. It is also noted that at HOW 2010 International Design Awards – the empty packs won merit winners award and they also nominated in Pentawards for their excellence.

On the basis of above condition it is very clear that Brand protection is very necessary and holography is the way to protect it. Provide a unique recognition and safeguard to your brand. Get it done here at ASPA (The Authentication Solution Providers’ Association).  We organise various Protection Awareness Workshops time to time for our customers. In this way you have to use Authentication and brand protection & Intellectual Property Theft in India for the production, distribution, and sale of counterfeit items.