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Counterfeit Detection Services

We know that flood of counterfeit products is spreading all over the world and making significant damages to economy. And the fact is that it becomes difficult for consumers and authorities to differentiate between fake vs genuine in absence of authentication features such as security hologram. Authentication solutions are very important in engaging consumers in fight against fakes. The need of hour is the secured packaging. Anti-Counterfeiting features assure consumers about Product Authenticity. Below case study is enough to describe importance of brand protection and security holograms.

Case Study: Puducherry Excise Department Year 2007-2008

The additional remove duty previous financial year perceived growth of Rs.80 crore from remove of revenue gathered from the IMEI.

PUDUCHERRY: With full examining and arationalised eliminate the pattern, profits from elimination of gathering revenue gained in the year 2007 to 2008. The governmentsremove duty assortments in the year 2007 to 2008 rose up to Rs. 224 crores against the objective of Rs. 220 crores. Besides, it was about Rs. 143.49 crore last year, Excise Deputy Collector R.Anbajagane said the Hindu.

He also attributed the gain to the introduction of excess eliminate task about 35% in lieu of steps focus to pull the duty evasion and sales tax, especially under the sale of seconds denote nondutypaid alcohol.

The beginning of excess eliminate duty the previous financial year perceived gain of Rs.80 crore from the remove of gathered revenue from IMFL (Indian-Made Foreign Liquor), he also said about adding gathered tax from the bonded warehouse and basis of the blending and bottling five IMFL item in the Union Territory.

Moreover, the government made the essential for the whole liquor stores encounter the security needs and imprinted hologram label on each container to check avoidance of tax said by Mr. Anbajagane. He said earlier we not able to decide the taxed and non-taxed containers. After the government achieved the essential security hologram, the entire containers taxed at the linked warehouse label on the bottles.

The plan led to the remove of loopholes in the elimination of duty collection as well assisted collect available profits previous year; he also said about adding distributed licenses all over 200 persons run to the liquor store in the Puducherry.

Major factor

The next essential factor contributed to gain the revenue gathering was the beginning of internet auction of toddy and arrack shops said by Mr. Anbajagane. The earnings gathered directly via auction of toddy and arrack shop in the previous year about Rs. 60 crore and he said about adding goal of Rs. 245 crores by the remove of revenue gathering for 2008 to 2009.

Mr. Anbajagane said about they could net all over Rs. 30 lakhs in the final three years in the sale resolved strength captured from bootleggers. The eliminate department captured 1.75 lakhliters of resolved spirit in the raids performed during previous three years. 1.25 lakh traded to Pondicherry Distilleries Limited after getting the authorizationof court.

Counterfeiting is a very big issue not a day and it creates disturbances and also decreases sale of your items. ASPA is a perfect partner for you. We are connected with global authorities such as FICCI-CASCADE, Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau (CIB), International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), and other anti-counterfeiting bodies in India. We are a non-profit and self regulated organization to provide solutions for Authentication & Counterfeit Detection India, Authentication and brand protection, Authentication Forum & Brand, Counterfeit in FMCG India, Counterfeit in electronics market India, counterfeit drinks industry India. Choose a supplier who is a member of ASAP to get maximum protection.