Brand Protection

Question: What is Brand Protection?
Answer: Brand protection is the act of preventing someone from illegally making and selling a product using a brand name owned by another company.

Question: What is Brand Counterfeiting & its various forms? 
Answer: In today world’s Brand has been considered as one of the most valuable assets for a company. Brands are under attack in various forms of counterfeiting, however, main four are

i) Tampering the product or packaging or both with intention to steal, replace, modify, adulterate.

ii) Replica the product or packaging or both with the intention of fooling the customer he is buying
the original
– Pass offs/look alike
– Duplication
– Counterfeit
– All the above replications are called as Spurious.

iii) Diversion of the product form the market it is supposed to be sold to other markets


iv) Recirculation of the original packaging material and filled with substandard products.

Question: What is the impact of Brand Counterfeiting?
Answer: Brand counterfeiting activities lead to erosion of brand value, loss of market share, profit and above all dissatisfied customers. The importance of brand attack and its impact to the brand owner, government, society and  consumer has been a matter of debate and discussion at several forums. There are several studies and attempts made to quantify the loss.

Question: Why Brands are under attack from counterfeiters? 
Answer: There are various factors responsible for increase of Brand risk and counterfeiting activities, perhaps, the main are;
a) Lack of consumer awareness
b) Lack of proper Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy
c) Non adoption of Authentication Technologies / Solutions
d) Differences in cost / short supply of genuine products
e) Global & Complex Supply Value Chain 

 Question: What is ASPA doing to help and what are Brand Protection Solutions ?
Answer: With the availability of various authentication solutions, companies and Government authorities are facing problem in selection of a specific authentication solution as the adoption of any given solution is a complex question involving issues, amongst others, of cost, compatibility, feasibility and reliability, and there are divergent view on which technologies should be adopted and the timing of their adoption. While these solutions can sometimes add to the problem, the right selection, usage and
implementation of authentication solutions help companies and authorities to keep them one step
ahead of counterfeiting.

ASPA had published various guidelines series of article on Brand Protection at its publication, The Authentication Times which can be read ;

1. Overview Authentication Technologies, The Authentication Times, Issue 25
2. Anti-counterfeiting technologies an overview, The Authentication Times, Issue 26

Picture: Left to right C S Jeena secretary ASPA, T V Srinivas Rao, U K Gupta President ASPA, P Srinivas Rao CMD K L Hitech, Sourabh Mitra AVP Mylan Lab, Madhab Chakraborty Joint Director IIP, Arun Agarwal Vice president ASPA.

Further, it is conducting various workshop related to Brand Protection Awareness. To get the latest updates, please visit event section .