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Business Intelligence Services for Anti-counterfeiting Industry, Brand Protection & More

Founded in 1998, ASPA (formerly known as HOMAI) is a trusted source for market and technology consultancy for anti-counterfeiting industry, brand protection and product enhancement in India. We are expert in market forecasting, analysing industry trends, providing up to date business information and knowledge management in relation to anti-counterfeiting industry in India. Our most of the report based on primary research with technology expertise and industrial sector knowledge.

Request for free market intelligence report:

  • Financial Study of hologram industry in India
  • Sector market study on pharma counterfeiting and hologram
  • Tender releases in last 5 years

Request for free business news:

  • Newsletter – The Authentication Times (formerly known as The Holography Times)
  • Counterfeiting seizure reports clippings from business newspaper in India
  • ASPA Authentication alert – Daily news alert service
  • Tender alert

Request for solutions:
We offers advanced solutions today, to help companies transform their business tomorrow. Each solution combines proven techniques and expertise customized to your business and industry. With our professionals, best practices, customer support, and innovative technologies, you’ll get a solution that maximizes your brand’s potential and revenue.

We focus on adding value to companies in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Authentication
  • Fiduciary documents
  • Identity Documents
  • Brand Protection
  • Digital Content
  • Product Serialization & Tracking