Hologram Image Register

ASPA (formerly known as HoMAI) has merged its Hologram Roster with International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Hologram Image Register (HIR). The HIR is a secure registry of holographic images established by the IHMA to safeguard hologram copyright and underpin the use of holograms in authentication and security printing. In addition to registering the holograms they produce, ASPA & IHMA members search the HIR before making a new hologram to help to prevent the accidental copying of an image. To date, the HIR has helped to uncover and prevent several cases of attempted counterfeiting and many specifies and users of secure holograms require these to be registered on the HIR.

Only members of the ASPA & IHMA can register the holograms they originate or manufacture. Customers who want maximum protection should therefore choose a supplier which is a member of the ASPA.

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