Raising Standards

Enhancing security standards for hologram companies

Security Certification – TUV-ASPA (Formerly known as HOMAI)┬áHologram Security Standards

ASPA (Formerly known as HOMAI) & TUV has developed the world first of its kind security standard developed for Hologram Manufacturers process and business.

The standard will help hologram manufacturing companies in :

  • Understanding the Hologram Manufacturing Setup and operational Process flow
  • Existing process best practices implementation
  • Existing Risk controls implementation
  • Threat Concerns and risk Mitigation Challenges
  • Process owners awareness and ownership
  • Operational concerns in practicality
  • Effective risk assessment as an organisation or whole
  • Business continuity management practice implementation
  • Disaster recovery process in lay
  • Effective incident management
  • Effective risk treatment

Request for copy – To get your copies email of TUV-ASPA (Formerly known as HOMAI)┬áHologram Security Standard System Contact Us