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About the Document

ASPA is building up innovative tools to help policymakers on the need for action and legislation in fighting counterfeiting. One such initiative is the Authentication & Traceability Supplier Directory.

The document is first of its kind document prepared by ASPA in Indian scenario to assist the stakeholders with key technologies available across the globe within authentication industry in order to fight against counterfeit. The document provides knowledge on Overview of technologies, definitions and meaning, advisory for selection of authentication vendor along-with technology provider listing available in India.

Purpose of the Document

Counterfeiting activities are impacting socio-economic development across the globe and becoming one of the critical hindrances to achieving sustainability goals target set by UNO, including removal of poverty, education to all, etc. A global menace, the problem of this magnitude cannot be solved overnight; perhaps, a preventive step is what all we need. The problem is the increasing lack of awareness amongst stakeholders and requires an integrated Anti-Counterfeiting proactive approach from all agencies.

We strongly believe Authentication & Traceability technologies/solutions/systems is a critical and useful tool in the fight against counterfeits and illicit trade. Every industry and product have their needs, not only regarding the levels of security the solution offered but also their economic viability.

With this, we hope that this first edition will help brands, governments and institutions understand how products can be protected and how these solutions can best be integrated to allow a wide range of stakeholders to disrupt illicit networks actively. We hope it will become a valuable source for those considering the adoption of authentication & traceability technologies, solution & systems.